Revolutionizing Diagnostics. Improving Patient Care.

Revolutionizing diagnostics.

Improving patient care.

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Advance the Process

GKD is overhauling the diagnostic process to improve outcomes for both patients and physicians. With point of care (POC) testing and fast results across a suite of various diagnostics, our MultiNostic Test Kit technology improves the patient care cycle while simultaneously cutting costs.

In the current healthcare system, patients must travel to an outside lab to complete diagnostic tests. Then, providers must wait for the lab to report test results before they can make accurate diagnoses and formulate a treatment plan. The current system inhibits quick and early treatment for patients, which can cause health problems to worsen.


All on One, and One for All

The MultiNostic Test Kit is a versatile, single platform POC blood test that acts as a standard base for a variety of traditional and novel clinical analyses.

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What’s New at GKD

  • We are pleased to announce some new hires, Nathan Vecchiarelli and Timothy Hall, who will both be joining us in our Center City office. You can learn more about them on our Team page - welcome to the team guys!

  • Construction is nearly finished on our new manufacturing suite, and we couldn’t be more ready for expansion. This new manufacturing lab will give GKD the ability to work on our technology with much more space and increased efficiency.


GKD in the News


CDC, Group K Diagnostics Ink Deal to Design Zika Virus Test

GKD has partnered with the CDC to begin working on a point-of-care Zika Virus Test using our microfluidic test strip technology.

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A Race Against Time

Our CEO, Brianna, sat down with Select Greater Philadelphia’s podcast - Growing Greater - to discuss the Group K’s goals and technology.

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Group K Diagnostics Expands Research Team, Updates Lab and Manufacturing Facilities

Enhancements will triple manufacturing output capacity, improve production speed six-fold.

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