How a Problem Sparked an Idea

GKD was born out of diagnostic obstacles observed by our founder Brianna Wronko during her time as an engineering student. While working in a local HIV clinic, Brianna encountered a pregnant mother diagnosed with HIV. Her liver function was tested, but during the wait time for results, the mother left the clinic. By the time she returned six months later, her condition had developed and lead to extensive physical obstacles for both her and her child.

Brianna realized that this wasn’t a unique case; patients were constantly being lost and health conditions worsening in the long wait times prior to diagnostic follow-ups. To solve this problem, Brianna founded GKD and led the development of our flagship product, the MultiNostic. GKD has received widespread support and funding to accomplish their vision of improving patient care.


GKD Today

Backed by a well comprised syndicate of Mid-Atlantic investors and investment groups, GKD is based in Philadelphia with an office, laboratory, and manufacturing suite. Our singular aim is to overhaul the diagnostic process and improve outcomes for patients and physicians. Since completing the creation of the MultiNostic, GKD has been poised to disrupt the diagnostic industry. It has completed Phase II of its MultiNostic Liver Function Device clinical trials and has submitted the Multinostic Liver Function Device for FDA clearance.

While GKD’s liver function testing device is awaiting FDA approval, we are now completing pre-clinical trials for the MultiNostic Comprehensive Metabolic Panel test. We also have plans for over 40 additional diagnostic tests including complete blood count, thyroid function, STI testing, viral loads and bacterial identification. We’re committed to maximizing the far-reaching potential the MultiNostic has to revolutionize the patient care cycle.