Group K Diagnostics Has Begun Part II of its Liver Function Clinical Trial

Group K Diagnostics (GKD), a healthcare innovator revolutionizing patient care with accurate, fast and affordable diagnoses, has begun Part II of its liver function clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania Liver Disease Clinic.

This next phase of the clinical trial, which will take between one and two months to complete, will allow future patients at the clinic, and other hospitals, to benefit from reliable test results in just 20 minutes, and will give doctors the ability to react quickly and adjust medical treatment based upon the results. 

“Part II of the liver function clinical trial is an exciting next step for our company, the patients and the potential of healthcare,” said Brianna Wronko, CEO and founder of Group K Diagnostics. “A successful trial will support our goal of attainable care for more people, and will strengthen the case for FDA approval of our MultiDiagnostic device.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s $2 million Series A funding, which is being used to continue GKD’s lab expansion and further support the work needed to obtain 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration.

Moving into 2019, GKD plans to begin clinical trials for a comprehensive metabolic panel.


About Group K Diagnostics 
Group K Diagnostics is revolutionizing patient care with accurate, fast and affordable diagnoses. Group K's microfluidic point-of-care device, called the MultiDiagnostic, provides test results in 20 minutes, allowing patients to have direct access to their medical results and enabling doctors to adjust medical treatments in a timely manner. The device has the potential to drastically improve quality of patient care. CEO Brianna Wronko founded the Philadelphia-based company in 2016.

Since its invention, Group K's innovation has generated praise in the healthcare and technology industries. Group K was named 2017 Best of the Best by MABA and Most Innovative Company of the 2017 Heart Science Forum. Wronko has also received recognition as the 2018 Spring PACT TiE Top Pitch Event Winner, winner of the technology category of the 2018 Stellar Startup awards, and the recipient of various other grants and awards.

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